Harry Li Consulting, LLC

About me

I am an academic, computer scientist, software engineer, data scientist, and manager turned consultant. I look for opportunities to work with great people at organizations I respect. Recently, that has meant working in education.

Prior to consulting, I was the founding engineer on the Summit Learning Platform team. I designed and built their data warehouse and implemented the pipelines to feed it data. Soon thereafter, I recruited and led the data science team for the Summit Learning Program.

Before finding my calling in education, I did a few eclectic things while working at Facebook. I managed a few teams at Facebook responsible for the in-house data pipelines and visualization tools. I also helped start and train their Ph.D. recruiting team. As an engineer, I built large-scale publish-subscribe systems and cache consistency tools.

And prior to having a real job, I was a student. I received a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Texas at Austin where I developed expertise in distributed systems. I also managed to get an Sc.B. from Brown University also in computer science.

I’m married to the wonderful Meg Robinson-Li who is responsible for pulling me into the field of education. I adore my two children and a grey tabby. I currently live in New Jersey.

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