Harry Li Consulting, LLC

Harry Li was one of the first technologists I met, and to this day he remains one of the most mission aligned, insightful, solutions oriented and practical partners I’ve had in building technology and problem solving for schools. Harry brings a rare combination of expertise and humility to his work that results in true partnership and great progress on behalf of students and teachers. Instead of walking in with a solution, he will work closely with teachers and administrators to understand their needs and build real solutions.

— Diane Tavenner, Co-Founder & CEO, Summit Public Schools

In all my years working with Harry, a few things consistently stood out. Harry always starts by understanding the big picture (I can hear him saying “what are you really trying to do?” right now if I listen for it). Once he understands your goals and the broader universe, there is no technical challenge he cannot take on, and refreshingly, seemingly no challenge that he does not want to take on. His passion for learning and solving problems comes through every day and every time we step back and reflect on the past. I would certainly jump at the opportunity to work with Harry again if I could.

— Sam Strasser, Chief Information Office, Summit Public Schools

We hired Harry as a consultant to integrate our HR system into our data warehouse. He approached the project with sustainability and capacity-building in mind and made sure that the integration was flexible enough that it could withstand changes to our systems with little to no maintenance. Harry created documents and spent time walking KIPP LA’s entire data team through the process so that we can continue to use his code and build on it. Not only did we gain a valuable product from Harry’s consultancy, but we also learned so much from him! Harry was thorough, knowledgeable, thoughtful, and an overall pleasant person to work with!

— Nicole Jeong, Senior Analytics Manager, KIPP LA

Harry is a rare combination of incredible technical expertise and collaborative problem solving. Harry and I worked together for several years and I was always struck at how deeply he cared about his users. I always knew that he would produce a beautifully elegant technical solution in a way that created buy-in through his process. Harry’s solutions may involve data and technology, but his special sauce is the way he works with others and empathizes with his users. If you’re looking for someone who will strengthen your team culture and provide technical expertise, Harry is the perfect fit!

— Lizzie Choi, Chief Program Officer, Summit Public Schools

I worked with Harry on a data engineering project at Schoolzilla, and asked him to both add some features to an existing code base and provide an architectural review of what had been built to date. He was the first person outside the core development team to work with the code, and provided helpful revisions and feedback to the code, processes, and documentation. He was thrown in the deep end right away, and was able to grasp both the the big picture concepts and fine grain details quickly. I found Harry to be organized, a clear thinker and communicator, and a friendly person to work with. I will happily work with him again in the future.

— Scott Meddles, Chief Technical Officer, Schoolzilla

Harry may seem like a “tech” guy, but he’s an education nerd all the way. He has spent the last few years deeply immersed in working with schools and school systems helping them understand their data. He understands school lingo, acronyms, and realities. He can also easily translate and explain data and trends to others. He is a natural teacher and will patiently explain the technical side to anyone who is curious. Working with Harry, you’ll find that he asks you hard questions to make sure he really understands your goals. He’ll also bring a lot of heart and humor to any project.

— Marie White, Product Manager, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative